Student-Athletes Transitioning From College Into The Workforce

The life of a student-athlete…  From practice, weights, traveling, coaches, teammates, and game days, the life of a student-athlete is demanding and I’ve recently lived through it.  In November I finished my senior year of volleyball at the University of Nevada, Reno and will graduate in May with my B.S. in Business Management.  There are numerous young individuals just like me that have experienced or are going through the transition from being an athlete into the business world and my blog will touch on the various aspects of this lifestyle.  My blog will help student-athletes become aware of the qualities they acquired through participating in collegiate athletics.  In addition, my blog will help employers become knowledgeable of the benefits of employing former student-athletes.

Therestudent-athlete are thousands of high school athletes and even fewer collegiate athletes with only about 1% of those athletes going on to play professional sports after college.  Now let’s think of all the athletes that have been idolized and helped though many of life’s challenges up until their college graduation, and then thrown into the workforce which is completely different than the average collegiate athletic lifestyle.

As I am currently going through the transition from an athlete into the business world, I want to discuss many topics revolving around athletes transitioning into the business world.  I plan on blogging about several matters about the typical day in the life of a Division 1 athlete.  From job searching challenges for athletes after their careers, about all the great qualities and traits athletes bring to the workforce, and why employers need to look to hire athletes into their businesses.



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