Time Management Tips For Student-Athletes

Not enough time in the day? I remember how overwhelming it is as an incoming college freshman trying to balance everything.  But think about how much we have to fit into one day compared to high school, it is a huge transition.  As a student-athlete juggling practice, weight lifting, class, homework, and still trying to make time for family and friends can be extremely difficult.  Time management is a skill student-athletes have to master to be successful and I’ve got a few tips for you athletes to help make those days seem less stressful.

Get a daily planner started! Staying organized is the best way to help you manage your time effectively.  Keep track and write down all of your upcoming class assignments so nothing catches you by surprise.  To help you get things done each day make daily “to do” list for all meetings, practices, weights, etc.   If you’re like me, writing things down and being able to cross them off give me a sense of accomplishment.  Get used to writing in your planner daily and stick to it!

Make use of travel time! When in-season, keeping on top of all the assignments and class you miss while you’re traveling gets to be challenging.  Take your books and study while you’re traveling on planes, buses, and any extra time you have sitting in your hotel room.  This will ease the amounts of homework and catching up you have to do when you get back home.

Make use of Sundays! Who likes doing homework on weekends? Not I, but I’ve forced myself into the habit of making my Sundays productive.  This means organizing my week ahead and planner and working on homework due that week.  Print out any lecture notes for the week, and get a head start on those assignments due in a couple days.  Discipline yourself and get things done, you’ll be amazed with how much smoother your week will go.

Make YOU time!  As time goes by, you’ll begin to adapt to this fast paced lifestyle but it is important to every once in a while create some “you” time.  With the amount of stress student-athletes are put under it can be overpowering.  Once in a while take the time to go get a massage, or relax and watch a movie, or go out to eat with friends a laugh this will definitely help ease the stress.

No one said it was ever going to be easy, or everyone would do it right? As a student-athlete you have more commitments and responsibilities compared to the “average” student.  Be proud of the opportunity you have been blessed with and make the most of every day.

Share your thoughts and/or any tips that have been successful for you when managing your time.


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