Mental Toughness

Student-athletes are put through the most excruciating physical and mental test throughout their career.  A common week for a student-athlete consists of 30-40 hours dedicated to their sport and 15-30 hours dedicated to their school work.  Having this type of schedule day in and day out can only make the ones who survive mentally tough.

My typical Monday schedule during the off-season looked like this:

6:30am-7am: Individual practice

7am-9:30am: Team practice

10am-11am: Weights

11am-12pm: Physical therapy

1pm-2:15pm: Class

3:00pm-4:15pm: Class

5pm-7pm: Study Hall

7pm-??? Homework

After a day like this all I wanted to do was collapse in my bed, but I knew my day wasn’t over.  Lack of sleep and emotional stress are just the beginning of the struggles.  I still had to finish any homework, make dinner, and get ready for practice the next morning.  Now imagine how your body feels with days just like this throughout an entire semester.

During the course of one’s career, athletes are taught to deal with every situation that is thrown at them and keep moving.  Student-athletes are put through the ringer day in and day out.   It takes mental toughness to be a student-athlete, and some don’t recognize the obstacles they deal with on a daily basis.  After having completed my four years of living the student-athlete life, I am now beginning to see how the mental toughness I gained through this type of schedule is transferring over into the workplace.

“Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory”Bill Russell

What makes you mentally tough?

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