How many times does your coach have to tell you what to do before you take the initiative yourself? Whether on the court, track, field, or water, student-athletes won’t make it far if coaches always have to tell them what to do.   There won’t always be someone to monitor and motivate them every step of the way.  Student-athletes that are self-motivated are the ones that highly succeed in the workplace after sports.

Adding to the other reasons I have discussed previously in my blog regarding why student-athletes transition well into the workplace, is the self-motivation quality that many athletes possess.  This motivation is not just simply to win, it comes from within.  It comes from the pure desire of beating the competition, its motivation to constantly improve you and the people around you.   Imagine how this quality directly translates into work life after college.

Managers want employees who are self-motivated and determined to constantly improve themselves and the employees around them.  This type of quality is great for the work environment and culture many companies strive after.  At work, companies are always looking for ways to improve and be more efficient.  Your manager is going to want to keep you around if he/she doesn’t have to micromanage you and they know you’re determined to reach that next company goal.  Self-motivation is just another one of the many qualities student-athletes gain from sport that transfers into the work environment.

Let me know what motivates you! Comment below!


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