Are You Coachable?

One trait often discussed about athletes is –are they coachable?  This term is thrown around in athletics a lot, but what does it really mean?  Being a coachable player is a skill that is developed, and means a lot of different things to different people.  To me it means a variety of qualities that a player possess.  Let’s see how coachable you are according to the traits that I think are key in a coachable player.

First, being coachable means being self-motivated.  This is important because self-motivated individuals want to improve themselves and understand that what the coach is telling you is not only to improve your individual skills set, but to help the team be successful.

Next, a coachable player is willing and able to take constructive criticism in all forms to learn from it.  When being criticized it is important to understand that it is not a personal attack, but rather  the coach is telling you things on how you can help make the team better.

A coachable player is able to communicate with coaches.  During the course of the season, there are issues that come up from frustrations, playing time, misunderstandings, and so on.  Having open communication shows the coach that you are coachable.

A coachable player is also one who listens.  Active listening helps players grow to their potential.  Listening to your coaches and your teammates shows maturity and eagerness to get better.

Finally, one of the most important qualities in a coachable player is one who knows how to sacrifice.  A lot of times this means sacrificing your personal stats for the better of the team and the team goals.  This could mean sacrificing the partying Friday night to go to the gym with teammates or sacrificing shooting the game winning shot when you have a teammate wide open under the basket.  Whatever it might be, sacrifice is one of the true test to a coachable player.

Think which of these qualities you possess and which ones you could work on.  Comment below and share your thoughts with me!


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