Frequent Travelers

Personally, I have experienced one of the toughest travel schedules in collegiate athletics.  From my freshman to junior year I played in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) and my senior year I played in the Mountain West Conference.  The distance between the schools I had to travel to, from Hawaii to Louisiana, ranged between 3983.34 miles. Due to amount of travel I experienced over those years, it’s safe to say I am a frequent and experienced traveler.  Being a frequent traveler is another quality student-athletes develop through 000-dv1218526-815b7095712-original-webparticipating in athletics that translates and is helpful in many careers today.

During my in-season travel my team traveled every other week.  Each week we would play two teams, one on Thursday and one on Saturday.  The weeks we were away our schedule would look like this:


Wednesday: Travel, Practice, Check-in to hotel, Team dinner
Thursday: Practice, Pre-Game Meal, Game at 7pm
Friday: Travel to the next school
Saturday: Practice, Pre-Game Meal, Game at 7pm
Sunday: Travel back home

As you can see, we were constantly on the move, traveling from one school to the next.  Over my career I became very familiar with many of the west coast airports.

Archeologist, consultants, and sales are all examples of careers that demand frequent travel.  Now if you have ever flown, you understand the chaos one encounters getting though airport security, finding your way through airports, and preparing enough time.  The more one travels, the more familiar they become with what to do and what not to do .  Planning what to pack, checking or carrying on baggage, and preparing enough time to get through security are all things one becomes effective at the more they travel.

Tell me about your traveling experiences with a comment below!
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