The Importance of Being On Time

Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.” –William Shakespeare

Have you noticed the trend in tardiness among many, or is it just me? It seems like it’s become more and more common for people to be late to everywhere they go.  Being on time is so much more than just a simple action and it say a lot about a person.  In many situations, being on time means being early.  The act of being on time is a quality college athletes are forced to learn in a strict way but also helpful in the transition into the workplace.

Checking the timeIn the world of sports, I learned (the hard way) if you’re not 10 minutes early; you’re late.  To be completely honest, my freshman year I struggled a few times learning how to be onetime to AM weight lifting.  It is not something I was proud of and it was definitely a lesson learned the hard way, but I learned the importance of being on time and it is something I have transferred into all other aspects of my life.

Showing up on time shows that you are responsible and dependable.  I think this especially important in teams on the court and in the office.  Showing your teammates and colleagues you are dependable allows them to gain trust in you and proves you can be reliable and responsible.

Showing up on time shows that you are disciplined.  A person that is on time proves that they can organize their time to take care of their business.  It shows that they can organize and prepare for whatever they need to do.

Showing up on time shows your integrity.  If you make and appointment to meet someone at 10am, you have essentially made a promise to them.  Now if you show up at 10:15 you have basically broken that promise, showing that you can not be a man/woman of your word.

Showing up late to appointments, meetings, work, etc. it shows selfishness and shows that you are putting your needs above another’s.  Being on time shows that you have respect for others.  For example showing up to class on time show that you are not only ready to learn, but you show the professor respect.

Showing up late hurts our professional careers.  Many companies have a strict policy on tardiness in the workplace.  Lets be honest, showing up late to an interview is not going to get you the position in the first place.

Being able to be on time will only set you up for success.  As athletes we learn the discipline of being on time, or even early, to where we have to be.

You delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

Share with me your thoughts on the importance of being on time and comment below!

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