Physical Toughness

Clean, squat, dead-lift, hang snatch, hang clean, snatch shrug, Frankenstein squat…

These are just a few of the Olympic lifts many college athletes do.  The physical demand on college athletes is greater than ever before.  College athletes must not only be mentally tough, but physically tough as well.

In a previous blog I disJeremiah+Calcussed the mental toughness quality that college athletes must have, but let’s not forget the physical toughness necessary to perform at this level.  At the collegiate level, every player was a “star” on his or her high school team.  When combining those players and that type of talent on college teams, teams become even more competitive.

Part of winning in college is about being more physical than your opponent.  You want to be bigger, faster, quicker, stronger, jump higher, and outlast your competition.

An important aspect to the physical toughness is the training.  College trainers are experts in their field and specific sport.  They create sport specific workouts in the weight room to best transfer to the court, field, etc.

It is important how athl248dt8etes train, but how they recover is crucial.  The right pre and post workout foods are vital to an athlete’s performance.  In addition, an adequate amount of sleep is extremely rare but important to an athletes’ body recovery.

College athlete’s bodies get put through the ringer all year round.  Your body usually never fully recovers before your next workout, and unfortunately it is something college athletes have to get used to. College athletes must not only be mentally tough, but physically tough as well.

Athletes- Share your story with me and what  has made you mentally and physically tough!

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2 thoughts on “Physical Toughness

    • Austin, it depends on if we are in season or out of season on our amount of daily training. To give you an idea.. In season its roughly two and a half hours of practice five days a week, three one hour sessions of lifting, and one or two sessions of 30 minute conditioning.
      Also, when coaches talk about being tougher, its physically and mentally. I didn’t play a contact sport, however, I know all athletes at the Division 1 level are trained to be more physical that our competition.

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