You either like teamwork or you don’t.  You might get excited if you have been apart of successful teams before, or you may get discouraged from bad past experiences.  More and more businesses today have recognized the value in teamwork and are incorporating it into their organizations.  College athletes learn the true meaning of teamwork through their college careers, adding to the many qualities that transfer into the workplace.  teamwork

Organizations that have integrated this teamwork concept are seeing an increase in the work production.  This approach can positively affect employee morale building friendships and unity among employees.  Teamwork within organizations allows a shared workload to be distributed among employees, improves efficiency, and creates healthy competition.

Having a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds allows personal growth by being exposed to different cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking.  This in return strengthens companies, as they will possess unique strengths and fewer weaknesses.

College athletes have the special opportunity to gain teamwork experiences and exposure through the many different athletic teams they participate on.  The ability to work in teams is one thing that sets college athletes apart from their other competitors joining the workforce.  I believe having this exposure will help the success of their future.


From my experience with my college team, I have learned a tremendous amount over my four-year career on how to be a good team member.  I think some have the idea, that in order for groups to be successful, everyone has to get along and like each other.  I don’t believe this is the case.  I don’t think everyone has to like each other, but everyone has to figure out how to be cordial, functional, and respect each other.  I have learned that there will always be people I don’t see eye-to-eye with, but I can still work with them.

It is a challenge within groups that have a variety of different personalities, opinions, point of views, and outlooks on life, but with the exposure to these types of teams I believe it makes you a better-rounded person.

Learning to work in teams is a process; it’s a lesson for life. A lesson college athletes learn that they are able to take and utilize in the workplace.

Tell me about your experiences and what you’ve learned from being in teams on or off the court!

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2 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. Nice blog Janelle, teamwork does play a major role in business today. I’ve written about teamwork in my blog subject as well. I liked when you wrote “learning to work in teams is a process…” Keep up the good work.

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