Ability To Take Criticism

For most, being criticized is embarrassing and uncomfortable.  Everyone wants to be able to feel good about their self and when someone critiques them it can become difcapture2ficult to take.

College athlete’s gain the ability to take criticism, which is a quality particularly needed in the cutthroat business world we live in today.

Athletes constantly receive feedback from their coaches.  Feedback on how to improve their personal and team performance, to school advice, and even life advice.   A major part of a college coach’s job is to critique their player’s skills by providing feedback on how to improve their performance.  The feedback given to players is often tough and the “scream in your face” type of criticism.

As an athlete you have to gain tough skin to be able to accept the feedback and make adjustments to improve your skill set.  How you choose to react to this feedback shows how much you are willing to improve.  This is a skill crucial to learn, and the sooner the better.

As athletes, like myself, transfer from the gym to the office we will be inexperienced and new to the office setting.  If we expect to be successful and learn our new jobs, we will have to be open to feedback of all kinds.

Just as athletes receive constant feedback from coaches, employees constantly receive feedback from managers.

In all aspects of life, as we learn, we make mistakes.  As we make mistakes in the workplace we will need feedback on how to improve.  Luckily, college athletes have the experience and ability to accept criticism, good and bad, and learn from it.

Having this experience is another reason why athletes transfer well into the workplace and why employers should look to hire former athletes.

Learn How to Accept Criticism with Grace and Appreciation from a post written by Leo Babauta.

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