As a college athlete, you want to constantly improve yourself to be able to excel in your sport.   There is no room for stagnant individuals, and especially not in today’s world.  College athletes are goal oriented and this is another quality that directly transfers into the workplace.

In the business wPJ-BI886_WORKOU_G_20120806184213orld, to be able to succeed, one must constantly improve to stay competitive in the office, in the industry, and to make new goals each year.  In the office, the person who has their eye on the prize will succeed.

There are many ways to Let workplace Competition Motivate You.  First, you can compete with yourself to improve your own performance.  Another way is to use another’s success to motivate you, and also you can work with others to turn competition into collaboration.

In addition, here are a few tips one can incorporate into their “everyday dealings” in their organization or office.  The article discusses improving your listening skills, learning how to communicate issues and/or concerns, how to be a problem solver, using your time wisely, and making sure you always gaining new knowledge.

This is the same in the sports world.  Instead of a boss, us former athletes had coaches.  In my eyes, the expectations and intentions are the same.  There is always a goals, short-term and long-term goals. As athletes, I feel like we are wired to be competitive.  We want to improve and push ourselves along with the people around us.

As athletes, we prepare ourselves to be one step ahead of the competition.  How is this any different in the business world?

Share you thoughts with me below!

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