At some point in everyone’s lives, we will take a leadership role. What is leadership? Leadership is an important element of a successful team, whether it is on or off the court.  As a leader, you are able to bring out leadership qualities in others around you.  Many student-athletes develop leadership traits in college that transfer into the workplace.

bildeStudent-athletes are leaders, weather they know it or not.  There are leaders within their own teams, within the school, and within the community.

Effective leaders are the ones that step up and continue to push the people around them.  When the team is in a slump, an effective leader can recognize that and find ways to pick the team up.  They inspire the ones around them and gain the trust of their teammates. They make appropriate choices on and off the court.  A leader may also acts a communication channel from players to coaches.

Check out Growing Leaders, which has “developed a unique leadership training program specifically geared for high school, college and professional athletes to prepare them for excellence in both their sport and life after school.”

It includes the Habitudes for Athletes that will help you:

  • Transform a group of individual athletes into a unified force.
  • Create teams of student-athletes who build trust with each other and
    their coaches.
  • Create language to talk about real life issues in a safe and authentic way.
  • Build teams where every athlete thinks and acts like a leader.
  • Build athletes who make wise decisions that keep them in competition and out of trouble.

In the workplace leimagesLaders are essential as well.  Within organizations, everyone has his or her own strengths and weaknesses.  As a leader, you are able to identify the qualities and skills that are needed to help the office team succeed.

Which areas in your life have you become a leader? Share your thoughts below!

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