College Into The Pro’s- NFL Draft

As the 2013 NFL draft kicks off, it’s an exciting time for young former college athletes.  It’s a day long awaited and a dream come true for many young men to be able to get the chance to play professionally in the sport they love.

1.7% of college players play professionally , 0.08% of high school players do


Often these young men and student-athletes have to make a choice between finishing their college education and going pro.

For some, it can be a beneficial choice to put their education on hold.  However, it is also a risk to quit college with chance of not making a team or being able to stay in the NFL long enough to make a career out of it.  For the few lucky ones that get drafted and have the ability to support themselves and their family while playing in the NFL is a dream come true.

A few positive outlooks, in my eyes, on these guys deciding to enter the draft before they have graduated college include some of the following.

It prevents the risk of injuring themselves in college.  NFLDRAFT2013If a student-athlete was to decided to continue their college career and education before entering the draft, they are taking the risk of possible injury that could prevent them from getting drafted.

In addition, assuming that individual gets drafted, they will have the financial security to pay off any school loans, provide for their family, and do just about anything else they could dream of.

Also on the financial side, with the amount of money these young men make, he would have plenty of options.  Giving back to communities, schools, and hospitals are all examples.

On the flip side, entering the draft before finishing their college degree can be a risky choice.

Only few have the special opportunity to be a professional athlete.  Having a college degree secures their future giving them something to fall back on if the pro’s doesn’t work out.  Also, staying in college gives the young man some time to mature and learn financial responsibility.

Share your thoughts with me on the NFL draft!

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