Corporations Seeking Athletes

One thing I have started to notice is that there are many businesses that target and seek former college athletes for employment.  Companies look to hire these types of people because of the many qualities that college athletes gain.

imagesFormer college students are excellent candidates for sales positions because of their competitive edge.  Athletes have multitasking talents, having to balance athletics and academics.  In a previous blog I discussed also the teamwork attribute all athletes have.  This is just one of the many reason why student-athletes succeed in the business world after college.

Think about the numerous questions asked in interviews that athletes can answer by relating to athletic experience.  Ex. Give an example of a time you had to work with others to achieve one common goal.

Many recruiters are also looking athletes because of leadership qualities they possess.

An article I found called “How Jocks Hit the Job Hunt” discusses the transition from college to the business world, and it brought up one remarkable statistic.

disc_sport_exercise_science_msc_thumb“80% of Fortune 500 female executives identify as being former athletes. Undoubtedly, participating in collegiate athletics imparts valuable lessons to any potential employee: the importance of teamwork, the drive to compete at the highest possible level, and the ability to focus and perform under pressure.”

For me being a former female athlete, this is an inspiring statistic.  As student-athletes our drive, focus, and competitive mindset are a perfect match for the competitive business world we live in today.

Share your thoughts with me below!

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